Jaewoo Korea


Thank You for your interest in Jaewoo Korea. Since our foundation in 1998, we have made every efforts to support and provide highly critical design Molds to our customers :

. Injection Molds
. Injection Molds IMC
. Injection Molds IML
. Injection Molds Two Color
. Injection Blow Molds(IBM)
. ISB / PET Molds
. Extrusion Blow Molds

. Personal Cares
. Cosmetics
. Pharmaceutical & Detergency
. Food & Beverage
. Medical & stationary

We are one of the leading companies to build the above all Molds for our Customers. Jaewoo will do our best to fulfill and achieve our customer's needs and trust through the development of specialized products, high-quality service, and a competitive prices continuously.



IS. Sung / MD